Uniforms & Yards

Hurstbridge Horse and Pony Club members are required to wear our uniform when we compete. We also offer rental opportunities for our horse yards.

Club uniform

Our uniform is sourced and sold by the club. It’s important that you have a complete uniform if you are going out to compete. For rally days and clinics a more relaxed uniform has been adopted.

Uniform items may be purchased through the club on rally days.

For more information please call Tracy on 0412 597 358

Horse yards

On our grounds we have a small number of day yards available for members to use. If you want a yard on rally day they are available for rent on an annual basis. If you are interested in a yard please contact us.

On days other than rally days these yards are available for general use, the only proviso being that they are well looked after and thoroughly cleaned.

Hurstbridge yards

  • Yard 1: Tatnall
  • Yard 2: Hay
  • Yard 3: Pinn
  • Yard 4: Hargreaves
  • Yard 5: Skidmore
  • Yard 6: Bennet
  • Yard 7: Mackenzie
  • Yard 8: Mackenzie
  • Yard 9: Dawson
  • Yard 10: Banks
  • Yard 11: Hall
  • Yard 12: Walker
  • Yard 13: Walker
  • Yard 14: Walker