DC Report December

Welcome to Summer! What a great Spring we had had with lots of grass everywhere. Congratulations to everyone competing in November. It was a busy month with lots of members out and about, many on new ponies achieving fantastic results.
This rally is our break up Gymkhana that Tracy has kindly organised. We will have a showing atmosphere combined with a handymount course, barrel racing and of course the annual Show Jumping competition.
We will finish the day early and tidy up in time for our awards evening starting at 6pm. We will be around to see in the morning to take your orders for pizza. It should be a fun evening with a surprise activity planned. I will make sure I have the trophies this year. Promise!
The awards will be as follows calculated from December 1st 2015 to October 30th 2016:
• 100% Attendance for members who have attended all rallies for the year
• Turnout Trophy that is calculated at the gymkhana and awarded in the evening
• Most improved rider. This is based on groups this year with the Chestnuts and Bays being combined. Instructors give feedback on this award.
• Little Battler Award is a persistence award for riders under 12
• Perseverance Award is a persistence award for riders over 12
• Heads or Tails award is for a member competing Horse Trials not necessarily placing but consistently trying
• DC Award is for senior members who assist the DC, younger riders and instructors
• Club Spirit Award is for a junior member who has shown a great attitude within the club and assisted others in an unselfish way
• Encouragement Award. This award varies slightly from year to year. This year it may be given to members 11 and under who have displayed a happy and positive attitude at the club.
• Champion Awards. These awards are performance based. They are given to members based on results in the areas of Dressage, Combined Training, Horse Trials, Show Jumping and also Showing. Games may be included next year.
• Lynn Allen Memorial Plaque. This award is given to a member for personal achievement in 3 disciplines of riding.
• I will put a more detailed list on the DC board for your perusal.
• Please make sure you post results or email them to me.
• Tip of the month: Be nice to your parents: Christmas is coming and Santa is watching.