September DC Report 2016

We have a very exciting rally planned for September and look forward to our members enjoying the day .Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads. We have the Dentist coming, a theory session on Pentathlon, new club Polo shirts and practice for our Combined Training Day. Please be on time and make sure your gear is clean.
• Andrew Hunt the Dentist coming. He will be starting at 11 and we will be moving the horses quickly through so please be ready when it’s your ponies’ time. Melissa and Lisa will helping to make sure everyone is ready on time. Remember your $50 per horse and a big thank you to Andrew as this is a discounted price. There are still some times available. Please email at to book a place.
• We have new polo shirts that you can try on and order. We are asking for payment on the day and they should be available for our CT day. They will be $35 and adult sizes will also be available for parents. Please see Tracy at lunchtime. Our current polo shirts will still be part of our uniform and we will phase them out slowly over time.
• We will have a theory session with a guest speaker explaining what the growing sport of Pentathlon is about. The members will also have a chance to shoot using the laser gun and target. This session should be informative and a heap of fun. Please make your way quickly to the clubrooms for your session.
• Entries are still open for our CT day. We will be practising our dressage tests using the white dressage arenas. Please learn your tests ahead of time to make the most of your lesson. Please see your tests attached.
• Bays (C Cert Group) will be spending the day with Allison (and Kaye for the last session) in preparation for their examination in October. Can everyone in the group please bring your books, rugs, bandages, float boots and first aid kits.
• If you unhitch your float please DO NOT leave your pony tied to the float. We have a tie up area above the yards for you to use. A panicked horse is very strong and could quite easily move an unhitched float.
• Set up time is 8.30am. Roans and Buckskins are on duty this month. We need someone to tow the dressage arenas up to the top menage and all free hands to help set up the arenas so we can start on time.
• Just a reminder to parents to please only enter the arenas before or after the lesson for poo patrol or a chat with the instructors. Your safety is important too.
• Tip of the month: Please say Thank you to your instructors and parent helpers. They really care about your riding and put in a lot of effort during your lessons.
• Cheers
• Carolyn
Dressage G5 Test C 2013

Dressage G5 Test A 2013

Dressage G4 Test C 2013

Dressage G3 Test C 2013

Dressage G2 Test E 2013