August DC Report

We have a busy few rallies coming up with preparation for our Combined Training Day and then Camp. Entries are open for the Combined Training on September 18th(see Event Secretary) The club is making sure all members have practice with a Showjumping course and a dressage Test and will be ready for the day.
• Younger members can be now be graded 5A. This means they complete a show jumping course of up to 35cm independently and will do the 5A Dressage Test. Nina and Kaye will be helping with the members learning the rules, how to walk a course and what to expect. It’s a fantastic way to have a go at a competition and on our home grounds.
• Please see me if you need grading before any upcoming events
• We will have a French Student with us for the day on Sunday. Her name is Penelope and she will be with the Tatnall Family. Please say Hello and make her welcome.
• Please make sure your gear is clean and tidy. Keepers on bridles need to be used and girths tightened prior to gear check. Stitching on bridles and stirrup leathers need to be in great condition for safety.
• Our new duty roster worked well with most families liking the change. Please make sure you do help and the jobs will be done quickly and we can then all leave.
• Our dentist will be coming next month. Unfortunately he couldn’t make this month due to family illness. Andrew can see up to 30 horses on the day. Preference will be given to PC horses then other “family members” are welcome. Andrew can start at 8 for those wanting to get in before the rally. Please email me at jchall10@bigpond with a preferred time and I will do my best to fill in times according to preference and first in best dressed.
• Tip of the month: Please read the newsletter!
• Cheers Carolyn