July DC Report

Welcome to the new Pony Club Year! I wonder what colour our cards will be? Happy holidays to all and hoping you are keeping your ponies warm and feeding out lots of expensive hay.
• As with any new year we have had some members leave and some new faces and ponies coming to our club. Please make them very welcome and help them find their way around our grounds.
• We have our dentist Andrew Hunt coming next month. Please start thinking about how many horses you need to have done as Andrew can accommodate up to 30 horses on the day. The cost will remain the same at $50 per horse. More information to come shortly.
• If you have changed your address, phone or email numbers please let me know so I can update PCV and our mailing systems
• Please remember to let Maxine know of any results or pictures you would like in the newsletter (kerinapark@bigpond.com) and also update your results on our events diary on the website.
• Can everyone please refrain from entering the rings when instructors are teaching. We can clean up poo at the end of the session and our qualified first aiders can help those who need attention ( Sarah Harrison and Rebecca White). It is very difficult for instructors to be responsible for your safety while teaching up to 8 members. All instructors also have first aid certificates.
• Some of our members would like to start a junior committee. If you think you could help please meet at the clubrooms after the rally
• PCV now has a new grade for younger members. Grade 5a is for Dressage and combined training for those under 10 who are off lead but not quite grade 5. If you wish to compete in this category please see me for grading.
• Please remember fees need to be paid before you ride on Sunday. Please contact Cheryl if you are having difficulties paying by this date. ( cheryl.matt@optusnet.com)
• Tip of the month: Riding is very hard work. Be prepared for a good workout and the results will show
• Cheers Carolyn