June DC Report

The cold weather has hit hard at last. It has not kept our members from being out and about and bringing home lots of ribbons. We had a team enter at KG Games day who gained a wealth of experience and could hold their heads high with the fantastic skills they showed. We placed toward the lower end of the group but not last! Our team of eventers at Yeringberg did an amazing job coming 10th overall and having a wonderful day. Well done to all our team members.
• Congratulations to everyone who has competed this month and to their parents for supporting them with the early mornings and weekend time spent with our sport.
• We have a few members leaving this month as the new financial year starts next month. We will be having a farewell at lunchtime so please join in to say farewell and good luck.
• Please remember to pay your fees before the July rally, otherwise you will be unable to ride.
• We also have our AGM at lunchtime this month so come along and vote for the committee you would like, or put your hand up to join the committee in any way you feel you could contribute.
• Thanks to our volunteer families at Yeringberg. The event requires us to help and we all had fun. Remember as a part of your membership you are required to help at one event at least.
• Tip of the month: Remember to clean and oil your tack. This time of year leather dries out.

• Cheers
• Carolyn