May DC Report

It’s been a very busy month with lots of members competing and bringing home lots of ribbons. Our games team competed at Yarrambat on the 17th and in the words of Angus Walker, “We didn’t come last ALL the time”. A great club spirit shown there! The team has been training hard are heading off to Kangaroo Ground on the 7th May. Good Luck to our team.
• We have 6 members competing at St Andrews on Sunday. We wish you success in every way. For some riders it is their first competition. We are lucky to have Alex attending (and riding) so the members will have some help and also obtain a rally attendance.
• As we have a team at St Andrews and the games team training, this rally has a few changes. Please check the rally plan and also your rally group.
• Our C Cert books are here. Allison will hand them out with the C theory session.
• We also have more D and E books available at $20 each please see me for a copy if you need one. Next rally will have a theory session for the D groups
• We also have a new supply of armbands if you need one. Please see Jaqui. They are $25 ea
• Stirrup leathers must be on top of the saddle flap as per PCV rules. Gear checks will include looking for this. Please use your “keepers” on your bridles. They are there for a reason; to keep you safe. Please also make sure your girths are adjusted before gear check.
• Tip of the month: Give your Mums a very Happy Mother’s Day. Maybe she would enjoy a nice ride herself while you clean the house.
• Cheers
• Carolyn