March DC Report

Hi Everyone,
• We have a split rally this month with 8 team members going to Lilydale Horse Trials with Erin as their instructor. We wish them good luck with lots of clear rounds. The rest of our members will have the rally at our grounds with all groups doing some Cross Country.
• A new C Certificate Group will be getting ready for examination in October. Could you please let me know if you would like to work towards this certificate. The eligible members are: Emily Barton, Claire Newland, Amelia Ryan, Greta Brown, Plum Sinclair, Abigail Walker, Samantha Bennett, Jessica Campbell and Shelby Eagle. Please see me at the rally for information.
• Remember to look at the DC board for upcoming events or visit the PCV website for applications. If you need grading please make sure you see me well before wanting to enter an event
• There is a zone clinic at Lilydale over the holidays. These clinics are great value and prepare members for competition. The forms will be on the Dc board and I will need to sign them for you.
• If interested in games we are putting together a team to compete. Please let me know asap so we can plan practice and organise an instructor. Unfortunately Lars is unavailable for a few months due to ankle surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.
• You now require your D Certificate to compete in Horse Trials. You also need to be over 8 years old.
• If you have a yard please remember to clean it after Pony Club. Serial “POO Offenders” will lose their yards in July when the new financial year begins. IF you have left your yard dirty in the past or used a vacant yard please thank Mel , Julia and the grounds duty families for cleaning up your mess!
• Stop watches in Horse Trials are now only able to be used in Grade 3 and above for safety reasons.
• All families please keep 18th September free as we are running our Combined Training then. All families will be rostered on to help. It’s a great day for the members to compete on home soil. We also made over $4500 profit last year from the event.
• Unfortunately we have cancelled Winter Woollies due to the lack of volunteers willing to help at events. Hopefully it will mean we have a more eager base of helpers.
• PCV is offering a special event for Grade 5 only. It will be Horse Trials at PCV Park at Gladylesdale on April 17th. It’s a great opportunity to be some of the first competitors to ride the course. We will be having our camp there later in the year.
Tip of the month: Look out for Bot flies. Remove any eggs from your horse and make sure your wormer treats bot larvae.