February DC Report

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year to you all. Sadly it means the kids are back at school with less time to ride and eat and sleep…..Hopefully everyone had plenty of time to enjoy the break.
• Next month Lilydale HT’s is also on our rally day. We are thinking of splitting the rally and having an instructor with the members who wish to attend. This would then count as a rally attendance. Lilydale is a great course and a fantastic place to begin your HT journey if you haven’t competed in this discipline before. We will be supporting our members on the day with an instructor to help “warm” them up and more experienced members offering a helping hand. Could you please let me know if you’re interested or already attending so we can plan a great day.
• We now have a new group of members ready to do their C Certificates. The members need to be over 12 years old and there are some costs involved. It would be approximately $20 for the workbook, $20 for the testing and $90 for our zone examiner to prepare the kids with 6 theory nights. We are looking at October for testing. All our members who were assessed last year passed with flying colours. We will contact you if your child is eligible. We would be looking at starting the riding component in March. I have attached a basic outline for your information.
• The led group is also able to complete their E certificate. The books are also $20 and available at the club. Please see Erin or myself at the rally for further information.
• Gear Rules: Stirrup leathers must be on the outside of the saddle flap for safety reasons. If you have a show/dressage saddle please be aware that your child will not pass gear check unless the leathers are in the safe position
• Lilydale Hunt Club/ Pony Club have a freshmans SJ and XC this Saturday including a gear market. It’s a great opportunity to practice over the course prior to the Horse Trials in March. All the details are ontheir website and entries will be accepted on the day.
• Tip of the Month: Drop into Hurstbridge Saddlery and see the new building. Say a thanks to Debbie for all the support and discounts she offers our Club.