November DC Report

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful camp. The level of riding was wonderful and all the members seemed to learn a great deal. Thanks to our regular instructors and also to Rachael Edwards for our XC instruction.

• From now onwards we will shuffling around the members in their groups. It will give the members an opportunity to make new friends and hopefully eliminate the pressure of moving “up” a group. So please make sure you check your rally plan and groups list each month.

• Its nearly awards time so if you see me sneaking around this rally make sure to put those heels down, look ahead and give me a big smile!

• Please make sure you listen to any adult who may be asking you to walk in certain areas, or any other instruction they may have. It will usually be for safety reasons.

• Whips are for use ONLY after you have used all your correct aids. We will be concentrating on incorrect whip use and what pcav considers whip abuse. Please make sure all members read the attachment.Whip Abuse

Tip of the month: If there is a loose horse at PC EVERYONE must halt and stay still until the horse is caught.