October DC Report

Hi Everyone,
Congratulations to everyone who competed at our Combined Training Day. The weather was superb and our club hosted a wonderful day. Our riders did a great job with some placing in a new grade and others competing for the first time. Our helpers were amazing and the day ran very smoothly. We will have some funds to spend on some equipment, so please forward your ideas to me so the committee can discuss how to improve facilities for our members.
• We had members attend our Zone clinic at Yarra Glen and reports came back to me of the big smiles and great skills these riders learnt. Clinics are always great value and lots of fun.
• Don’t forget our saddle fitter coming on the 25th October. It’s very important to have your saddle fitted particularly if your horse shows signs of being unhappy ie: sore back, bucking, reluctance to go forward and grumpiness when being saddled. I will get the information out shortly after camp.
• Camp is all booked and the days planned. We have a great XC Coach Rachael Edwards, Tonya, Lars, Allison and Erin this year. Remember a torch for our night walk, marshmallows, pillows, and your horse! The weather looks perfect so don’t forget sunscreen.
• Groups and the rally plan will be handed out on Saturday morning. I have tried to keep friends together and ensure there is plenty of time for fun as well as some awesome riding.
• Please find attached the horse abuse by laws. Every member and parent should read this document. Next month I will include the use of whip laws.

Tip of the month: Remember to always use your legs and aids correctly before using your crop.