April DC Report (March 29th)

It has been a very busy summer with lots of members competing and having great results. It is fantastic to see the members set goals and have dreams but most importantly enjoy themselves on their equestrian journeys. Remember to enter your results on our website.

Thank you to all who attended the working bee. Reports are it was a success and we have grounds and equipment that have been greatly improved.

Rachael Walton has kindly and patiently been making our newsletter behind the scenes and the time has come to find someone with computer skills and creativity to become our new Rachael. A big thank you to Rachael for all your help and kindness and the time spent preparing our monthly newsletter. If you think this task might suit you please let me know.

POO again! It was a little disappointing to still find manure around the floating area after last rally. We have two manure heaps so please make sure you clean up around the yards and floats and place all manure in the allocated pits.

We need all members to be safe on our grounds and request that there is no cantering or trotting around the grounds without an instructor present. This applies in particular to the area in front of the clubhouse. Unless you are in a lesson please walk on your ponies. Think safety.

Well done to all our members who have completed their D and D* certificates. I will be handing out certificates out on Sunday. Our C group have 1 rally before their C Certificate examination. Thank you to Alex and Andrea Hegmann who have taught the kids on their ridden skills all year and to Kylie Parker for her time preparing them for the theory section. Good luck to all.

The club is happy to offer an eventing clinic with Sarah Ray on Monday 6th April. Places are filling quickly so please book early. The entry is attached.

The Zone is also offering a grid clinic open to all coaches, parents and members who are interested in learning how to set up a grid and appropriate methods of instructing riders. At only $10 this clinic is great value. The details are also attached.

Tip of the month: Be kind to others. Our time at Pony Club becomes some of the happiest and most memorable times of our lives.