March DC Report

Our club is growing at the moment which is fantastic.  A big welcome to all our new members and those attending our rallies as “Come and Try Pony Club” attendees. Please make these members welcome and take the time to help them become  another happy  member of our Hursty family.

A big welcome to Tonya Holdsworth Rose as our specialised SJ Instructor. We look forward to great lessons with Tonya. Please make her welcome.

Poo!! Can everyone please remember to clean up your poo. That means poo around your float and the club. Parents if you see your child’s horse drop manure whilst in a lesson can you please clean it up. Wheelbarrows and rakes are at the areans. It is a huge job at the end of day to clean up everyone’s manure after they have gone home. If you see a poo please clean it up.

Our Freshmans evening planned for this Friday has been delayed until further notice. It is a huge job to organise these events and we need more volunteers to help. If everyone gave a small amount time we would be able to run more fun events for our kids. Please see Julia or myself if you can help in any way at all.

We are promoting our members to complete certificates. The first certificate (E) can be started from age 7. If interested please see Petrina, Allison or myself. The books are $20 each. Michelle Hildebrand has kindly taken on the role of co ordinator and will have a record of certificates completed. I have also copies of D and D Star books for those who need them. They are also $20.

There is a game challenge coming up in August. It would be great to have  a team attend. We will need some parent assistance with the group. If your child is interested in trying out for the team please let Lars know and we can start planning, I know the kids are loving having games lessons so let’s encourage them to experience the excitement of competing as a team.

Our Zone offers the most clinics of any zone in the state and I encourage all to attend these clinics as they are great value with excellent instuctors. Kangaroo Ground has a clinic coming up. I have already emailed this entry form. See our calendar for a copy.

A big thank you to Anne Gravatte who has been our uniform co ordinator. Anne is now handing over to Jaqui Coates who kindly offered to step into Anne’s shoes. Uniform is available from the clubrooms. Please see Jaqui.

Sarah Frerickson competed last weekend representing our Club at the State level Dressage. We are so proud of Sarah coming 6th out of 30 in the 3E test. An awesome effort. Well done Sarah.

We also had 3 riders brave the heat on Sunday to compete in the Seville Horse Trials. Eloise Barton did a great job in dressage but was ill and did not complete the XC and SJ. In grade 4 Sarah Hall was placed 2nd in her second Horse Trials and Abigail Walker placed 6th at her first attempt at grade 4. We are proud of all riders who get out and compete and wish you all congratulations.

Tip of the month: In hot weather or new situations our horses may become dehydrated. Some horses may not drink enough at events. You can mix a small amount of molasses to their water to encourage them to drink more. Riders need to drink plenty of fluids too.