February President’s Report

Welcome to all our members, new and old, to another great year. The committee are really excited about all on offer over the coming year.  Remember, you are able to join the general committee at any time, we are always looking for more helpers.  Many hands make light work !  We have a camp to organise, events to run and of course rally days to make as fun as possible.  At the moment, we are in need of someone to take over running the uniform ‘shop’.  All ordering has been done for the year, so it would just be a case of keeping track of sales on rally days. Thank you to Anne, who took on the role in 2014.  If you would be interested in volunteering for this role, please see Carolyn or myself at pony club or feel free to email us.

You may have noticed that our website is in need of new photos.  If you are a keen photographer and have some good resolution photos (from a SLR camera rather than a phone) could you please bring them to pony club in February on a USB stick.  We want to get some recent photos of our members out and about as well as at rally days.

Thank you to all our riders and helpers who were able to attend the Freshman’s day in January as well as the Summer show.  Both ran smoothly and raised much needed funds for the club.  We have another Freshman’s showjumping evening coming up on Feb 27th .  We will be needing some helpers for this so please put your hand up when the email comes around regarding supporting this fundraiser.  The heights for the Freshman’s will reflect the 2015 Combined Training and Horse Trials heights, as well as a pre 5 class.  Most grades have gone up by 5cms.

Look forward to seeing you at club,

Enjoy the ride !

Julia Walker