December Rally Plan and Groups

Hi Everyone,

Please check your groups for Sunday and the program for the day. As usual information will also be available on the board outside. See you there with smiles.

December Gymkahna   Hurstbridge Pony Club


Turnout & Rider are judged in PC Grades, Pre 5 led, pre 5, 5 , 4, 3+

The Leanne Jones Turnout Trophy is a perpetual award given to the Best Presented combination at the end of year Gymkhana. It is judged on overall presentation of both pony & rider, correctness of uniform, cleanliness ( not quality) of gear, and cleanliness of pony.

The winner of each grade will go into the final which is judged by all judges giving an overall winner.

The rider class will follow, once again PC grades, judging a riders ability to control their pony, the stillness of leg and hand, the correct use of aids.

9.00     Turnout classes  (No plaiting)         As per grading

9.20     Rider Classes                                     As per grading

(9.50)  Set up top areas and 6 bar for days events- SJ to be already set up



Show Jumping –        C Grade          Andrea B  / SJ Arena

Six Bar                        Group 2            Andrea H/Bottom left arena

Barrel                         Group 4             Parent helper??/Top back arena

Games                         Group 5            Lars/Top front arena

XC ride to time           Group 3           Erin/XC area between top and bottom arenas

Pony Club Mount      Group 1            Kylie/Grass near bottom arenas


Show Jumping           D Grade

Six Bar                         Group 1

Barrels                         Group 5

Games                          Group 4

XC ride to time           Group 2

Pony club mount       Group 3


Show Jumping           E Grade

Six Bar                         Group 3

Barrels                         Group 1

Games                          Group 2

XC ride to time           Group 4

Pony club mount       Group 5

Led group breaks for lunch


Show Jumping           F Grade

Barrels                         Group 2

Games                         Group 3

XC ride to time           Group 1

Pony club mount       Group 4




Fancy Dress               Top arena

Group 1

Romany Morgan, Natasha Blaker, Eloise Barton, Elle Herman,Sarah Fredrickson,Danielle Paterson, Lisa Burgess,  Catherine Walton,  Stephanie Mackenzie, Chiara Palomares-Angeli,Sarah Hall,

Ella Jacobsen, Olivia Wynter,Samantha Reardon,Nicola Tsiolis,  Amy Cornell, Mikayla Darroch

Group 2   

Abigail Walker,Alexandra Tognella, Jess Harrison,Greta Brown, Jack Christian, Emily Barton

Group 3

Emily Walker, Xaviar Dawson,Daisy Bryson, Jamie Hildebrand,Kiera Barton, Keely Smith, Ben Mitton, Shelby Eagle


Group 4

Mia Augustus, Matilda Pinn, Connor Pinn,  Angus Walker, Demi Tatnall, Honor Christian, Lily Harrison,Mackenzie Hargraeves

Group 5

Cadence Baxter, Ayva White, Neave Younger ,Billie Russell, Kathyrn Brereton,