December DC Report

Hi Everyone,

Our club has been represented by many riders this month attending lots of different events. Congratulations goes to all riders who wore our colours with pride and many came home with ribbons. For some it was their first attempt at a particular discipline while others with experience offered valuable advice and support.

We wish Eloise Barton, Sarah Fredrickson and Romany Morgan all the best as they represent our club this weekend at the Zone Qualifiers for the State Championships to be held in February. We are all behind you and very proud of your efforts.

Our December rally will be followed by our awards evening. It is a great evening and lovely to see the members receive their awards. As DC it has been wonderful to see the progression of individuals throughout the year and collate the winners of the awards. I hope everyone can attend as I have heard we will have a special visitor….

We have some new rules and changes in PCAV including the naming of the new PCAV property at Gladysdale. The PCAV has named the property PONY CLUB VICTORIA EQUESTRIAN PARK. There is an open day on December 14th with a FREE sausage sizzle and guided tour. I will attach the details if you are interested in attending.

There has also been some rule changes for next year. As of 1st January the max height of jumps in each grade will increase 5cm to bring PCAV in line with EA heights. This will allow clubs to have courses built that can attract EA members. It will also lessen the big change from D grade to C grade. Portable yards will also need to be to EA standards meaning no tape or rope temporary yards at events. There are still more changes to come and we will be advised once they are all passed through PCAV.

Our Freshmans days/evenings are beginning again on January 10th starting at 1pm for 30cm and moving up to 1m+ over the afternoon. It will be $5 per round with a ribbon for a clear round. There will also be a sausage sizzle and soft drinks available. Look out for the flyer soon.

We also have our Pre Summer Royal Challenge on the 18th January. Please see the program attached.

Just a reminder to not leave valuables in your cars and to please let me know if you are not attending the upcoming rally.

Tip of the month: DO NOT PUT YOUR HOUSE KEYS AND OTHER CAR KEYS ON THE SIDE OF THE FLOAT AND DRIVE OFF. It causes stress, panic and some very unpleasant consequences.

Have a lovely holiday