July President Report

Hi all,_DM32997_web
Even in the Winter cold, the committee has been busy organising some exciting events for the club. We are plan-ning to have a Pony Club Camp over the weekend of our October Rally – Saturday 4th and Sunday the 5th of October, at Lilydale Pony Club. We will be getting in a guest Cross Country instructor for the Saturday to make the most of the fabulous Lilydale course. We also have some other exciting sessions planned – stay tuned for de-tails. Pony Club on the Sunday will be held at Lilydale, so even if you can’t make it for the Saturday or the sleepo-ver, you are able to join us on the Sunday for a ‘normal’ rally day.
The committee has also been fine tuning our “Roles and Responsibilities” so that everything isn’t left to one or two people, but rather everyone is able to have a part to play in the club. Please see the table on the next page with most of the roles outlined and who is responsible for seeing them being carried out. Let me know if you have any ques-tions about these roles and responsibilities.
On that note, I’m putting out a call for volunteers. We still need a few spots filled, namely: a grounds/ maintenance person (this would be great if it could be a Dad that knows what is required to get ‘jobs’ done), a grants/ fundraising coordinator (someone may have a passion for this kind of thing?), and someone to do the shopping for the Canteen (a list would be given to them).
Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Pony Club Association of Victoria has a Code of Conduct which we adopt as a member club. Primarily “The Pony Club Association of Victoria’s Code of Conduct supports everyone to have fun in a friendly and inclusive environment.” See the PCAV website for more details. I might put parts of this Code in my report from time to time. http://www.ponyclubvic.org.au/site/ponyclub/vic/downloads/Resources/Codes%20of%20Conduct/PCAVCodeofConduct.pdf
I encourage everyone to see Pony Club as a place to have fun, enjoy friendships and learn more about how we can care for our ponies and improve our horse mastership skills.
Enjoy the ride .
Julia Walker