June DC Report

085Well done to all riders at the last rally who braved the elements. It was pretty wet and cold. Let’s hope our next rally is a little warmer and not as wet !

We have the dentist Mark Burnell doing our ponies teeth and giving a very informative talk at lunchtime. Don’t miss this rally. Don’t forget to let me know if you are not coming as we book our instructors accordingly.

Welcome to our new president, committee members and soon, hopefully DC! I am attending the zone meeting this week with Carolyn Hall. We will report back any changes in rules, upcoming events and clinics.

Don’t forget to look on the PCAV or North metro pony club websites for lots of information.

Well done to riders who competed at Kangaroo ground last weekend and St Andrews the week before. So many Hursty riders there and from what I hear all rode very well. I received lots of texts and pics from riders.

Lots of updates on our facebook page. Don’t forget to put your results on the website for the champion riders tally at the end of the year. It is great to see so many riders competing.

Don’t forget Paul Williams -free SJ lessons available on Thursday July 10th . Book in through me—andrea.barton@bigpond.com

RALLIES: please remember at rallies not to interfere with instructors when they are teaching. It is not an easy job teaching so many kids. Helping adjust poles for SJ heights is appreciated but try and observe the lesson. See the instructor prior to the lesson if any adjustments need to be made, like a new combination or the pony has not jumped before, etc. Pony club is meant to be fun and enjoying friendships. Our next rally I think Kylie is organising some games for the afternoon. Have fun and make sure your ponies are rugged at night and have fresh hay and feed.

Happy Riding Andrea Barton