February DC Report

It’s a busy month this month and there’s a lot on information for Hurstbridge members to keep in mind.

Working Bee – Saturday, March 22

We are holding a working bee as we have had not had one for a couple years. There are some important maintenance jobs to be done and I am working with the adult riders to ensure we cover it all.

It’s a great chance to get together and pitch in to help with:

  • Repairing the xc fences
  • Repairing the water jump
  • Cleaning up the large shed

Adults who are also members of the adult riding club will be able to use the hours for their member obligations with the adult riding club. I will be attending the meeting and I am working with them to make the list.

Shopping for Canteen

A member is required to do the shopping for rallies and the two events we hold. Unfortunately Michelle Ord who has done this job for the last couple of years is having some back issues and is unable to do so this time. If you are able to do this job you will not be required to do any rally duties at all for the whole year.

March Rally

Older groups will be able to choose lessons and the afternoon will be games. There will be expressions of interest for a games team as the state qualifier is on April 27th. This year there will be pairs riding as well as a team of 4. Musical games and flat teams. Lots of fun!

Rally attendance; only one session is now required to gain attendance at each rally and there are also some new rules which you can view on the PCAV website or North Metro Zone website.

Upcoming Events

Yeringberg HT – April 5-6

Open to grade 1,2,3 and this year grade 4’s can enter too. This is our zones event at a fantastic venue. I sent the flier out last week but the entry is on global online entries. Our club will have the job of xc pack up which is at 4pm on Sunday. Myself and Sheridan have so far volunteered to do this but I will also need two more members to assist and one member to help out with xc judging. This can be a great learning experience. There is also a working bee date and I am happy to attend this.

Mark Sagon Show – Sunday, August 17

Show will be held at Hurstbridge PC and all proceeds are donated to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Hurstbridge PC Dressage Day – Sunday, September 28

Eventing Clinics

Please keep an eye out for clinics in the holidays and on weekends as they are great fun. Clinics are on the PCAV website and North Metro Zone website and all comps are also on there. If you are unsure how to compete or what to do, email myself and I can assist with any queries.

Thanks, Andrea Barton.